About Us


Welcome to our shop!

My name is Lin, and I'm the owner of Linara Boutique. We are a small home-based business located in London and Toronto, Ontario.

Our dedicated team consists of four lovely ladies, including myself, my sister-friend, and my daughters.

Anne loves dogs, TikTok, and all things domestic. She helps with sourcing, packaging, customer service, marketing, finances, and bookkeeping.

Rachel loves cats, is a graphic designer and is a lover of fashion and all things K-pop. She helps with sourcing, designing, and packaging.

Naomi loves all animals, Anime and is a graphic designer and prolific gamer girl. She also helps with style and packaging.

The LINARA name brand is a mash-up of my name Lin and my daughters, Naomi and Rachel.

I inherited my entrepreneurial spirit from my great-grandmother, a businessperson in Barbados. She ran a successful business by making and selling local food and drinks such as Mauby (a West Indian beverage made from the bark of a buckthorn tree). With success, she bought a plot of land and built her own chattel home, a feat unheard of for a woman in the early 1900s.

In my early 20's, I started making and selling décor cushions. Since then, I have owned and operated a gift-wrapping, event management, direct sales (Avon) and e-commerce business.

Before this business started, I worked as a Clinical Informatics Specialist in healthcare IT. When chronic illness forced me to leave my career, it was a challenging time of adjustment and reflection. I had many ideas of how I could still be valuable and productive. I knew in my heart that I had more to give but considering the health challenges, I couldn't do it alone. Hence Linara, a home-based business, was born.

Although I've had a few starts and stops due to health issues, I haven't given up. Encouragement from my team helps to keep me going!

Through personal challenges such as fibromyalgia, autoimmune disorder, job loss, and divorce, I've been able to pivot and adapt because I know from whom my help comes. God has given me the fortitude to be an overcomer!

Here you will find top-quality products that we love to use and that we know you'll love too! Linara Boutique is a one-stop shop that offers a little bit of everything. Partyware, Gifts, Wall Art, Housewares, essential oils, handmade bath products, home décor, and Black dolls. We carefully curate a collection of our local and global favourites.

We source our products ethically, with consideration for environmental impact. Our products are never tested on animals.

Our handmade products are crafted with love and care, and I personally check the quality of each item before shipment.

Our goal is to spread happiness and joy by providing you with affordable, high-quality products and excellent service. These products are things that we, as individuals, love and want to share with you and the world.

We find inspiration from our customers’ feedback. Stories of finding the perfect gift for a loved one, putting a smile on a child's face with a toy they can relate to, or enjoying deserved self-care time after a long day.

We hope you enjoy shopping with us.

Please feel free to send a message by email to info@linaraboutique.com, or let's link up on social.

Happy Shopping!