Linara Boutique Blue Diamond 7 Piece Professional Cosmetic Brush Set

Linara Boutique

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  • Blue diamond handle with golden ferrule.
  • Synthetic bristles are blue with purple dipped tips.
  • Flame Brush 21.2 cm allows for exact product placement onto cheeks. Apply powder, blush or contour shades onto the cheeks and temples.
  • Powder Brush 19.5 cm. Use this to diffuse your loose or pressed powders.
  • Foundation Brush 19.5 cm. Perfect for applying and blending foundation in hard to reach areas.
  • Flat Head Brush 18.3 cm. Use this to blur blush and concealer together beautifully.
  • Large Eyeshadow Brush 17.6 cm. Perfect for blending Eyeshadow into the creases of the eye and across the browbone.
  • Mini Eyeshadow Brush 17.2 cm. Use to apply powder or cream products to lids for flawless HD results.
  • Bevel Brow Brush 16.6 cm. Use with gel, cream or powder liners.
  • Vegan and cruelty-free.